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Adult Student Links

Here are all the links from The Adult Student's Guide to Survival and Success, 6th Edition, plus, new and updated links. Headers that are links will take your to the Adult page that has more information on the topic. Please note: does not take any responsibility for the information presented on any of the outside sites we link to. The links are provided as a courtesy to our visitors.

Adult Student Resources: Adult / Continuing Education: A human-guided fourm currently hosted by Deb Peterson has links, articles, blog and fourm on several subjects relating to adult students and continuing education.

Adult Student Center: Brought to you by the Norman Davies Group, has a nice bulletin board and Frequently Asked Questions list.

Back2College: Site has a lot of information.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP): The authorized site for information on testing to gain college credit for acquired life and job experience. Administered through the College Board.

College Transition: "The ABE-to-College Transition Project goal is to get nontraditional adult learners (GED graduates, AdultHS Diploma recipients, oradult learners who have been out of high school for a long while)into college by offering them not only academic support but college and careercounseling support as well." Good for students and educators alike. Grants available for students in New England.

Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE): ANTSHE is an international partnership of students, academic professionals, institutions and organizations whose mission is to encourage and coordinate support, education and advocacy for the adult learning community.

Nontraditional College Students: A scholarly research paper pertaining to needs, research, and implications on colleges of adult students. (HTML version)
Original PDF version from (may automatically download to your computer).

New! Non-Traditional Courtesy Elizabeth Sheppard, a recent non-traditional student, "made to help other nontraditional students, by helping them find support, nontrad groups, nontrad links, articles, motivation, and a sense of community." See her blog, too. A comprehensive and useful website for adult learners.

The Self-Directed Student Toolbox: 100 Web Resources for Lifelong Learners: Courtesy of the Online Educational Database (

Student Aid on the Web: For nontraditional students, brought to you by the Federal Student Aid segment of the US Education Department.

Texas A & M Adult and Grad Student Services: College department with good information for returning students.

Article FOUND ! Why Returning to College After Age 30 (Age 40, 50, Etc.) Might Be Just The Right Choice For You by Rachel G. Baldino, MSW, LCSW for

General College Resources:

US Department of Education: Portal to free Financial Aid information and application forms

College Board Online: The organization who offers the SAT test to high-school students also has some information on applying and paying for college, as well as an online aid application. Check out their information on the College Level Examiniation Program (CLEP) which gives credit for career experience.

Common Application Online: The recommended college online application form for undergraduate programs at 255 colleges and universities.

Education Index: Especially chech the Distance Learning, Continuing Education and Careers sections. (Note: This site has been causing our computer to freeze... use at own risk!)

Students.Gov: - an interagency website from the US government. "Designed for college students and their families. Our mission is to provide you with easy access to information and resources from the U.S. government all the info you need, in one place, from all parts of the government."

US Universities with online presences, by state: A simple list of college names and direct links. Indespensible for the undecided!

Financial Aid Resources:

US Department of Education Federal Student Aid Sites: - Main Student Aid portal - Apply for Dept of Ed PIN security number - The US Government's "Student Guide" publication online

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): Another US Department of Education site, this is where the official financial aid form resides. Also note deadlines and other useful information at the site.

Cash for College: Brought to you by the people at the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. A great resource.

College is Possible (American Council on Education): Also check out the rest of the site. (Choose "Paying for College")

College Answer: Brought to you by Sallie Mae, the large financial aid lender, and aimed mostly at "traditional" students, but clicking on the Site Map tab brings up many interesting topics to browse. (Used to be called Wired Scholar)

College Board Online - Pay for College: Scholarships - Financial Aid: Brought to you by the non-profit College Board--the administrators of the SAT test and more.

College Several scholarships are listed for free., but they want you pay a $40 fee they say to save your privacy and create a form letter for scholarships. You can decide.

EStudentloan: loan comparison site.

FastWeb: A FREE scholarship/college matching service. Recently rolled into the group of companies. Highly recommended.

FinAid: "The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid" has some great resources. Sponsored by

Financial Aid Resource Center: Sponsored by Has useful information.

The Consumer Information Center: Always changing. You can get lost once inside the CIC!

Educaid: Student lending division of Wachovia Bank, a large student loan grantor.

Get College Courtesy of Oregon State Student Assistance Commission. Useful info for any student.

Grants and Grant Seeking: Courtesy of Ohio University Libraries InfoTree.

New! LIFETIME (Low-Income Families' Empowerment Through Education) and SPAN (The Student Parent Action Network):

New! The Lumina Foundation for Education: From website: "Strives to help people achieve their potential by expanding access and success in education beyond high school." Through grants and more, they attempt to help particularly underserved student groups, including adult learners. An online person-to-person loan bid site. You enter your need and a market interest rate request based on your credit score and wait/hope for someone to lend you the money. Payments are made by automatic withdrawl.

Strategies for the Non-Traditional Student: A good source of information from "FreSch" Free Scholarship Info. (Also, check its home page.)

Sallie Mae: Well-known loan servicer has website filled with financial aid and general college information.

Federal TRIO Programs: Sponsored by the Federal Office of Postsecondary Education, the TRIO programs supply financial grants and other assistance for low-income college students.

Women Helping Women, Inc.: A non-profit organization dedicated to assisting single moms who are experiencing financial difficulty while trying to finish their college degree.

Learning Disability / Resources for Persons with Disabilities:

Alternative contact information is available on our Help for those with Learning or Physical Disabilities page.

Adaptive Learning - Foothill College:

ADDvance: Explore the rest of the site too. Valuable for people suffering from Attention Deficit Disorders.

Attention Deficit Disorder Association:
Site is full of great stuff, specifically, Article "TIPS for Transitioning to College" has some good info.
Federal site part of the public information sites.

Program for Advancement of Learning from Curry College:

Disaboom Jobs: Job search site especially for persons with disabilities.
Plus an informational article on SSI Employment Support.

National Center for Learning Disabilities, LDInfoZone:
Several pages to check. Some articles are more for traditional students, but helpful none-the less. - Transition to College - Living with AD

LD Online Technology Resources:
A ton of resources. Also use their search box and enter the term "college."

New! Learning Differences:
Provided by the Richard Cooper and the Center for Alternative Learning. Check under "Learning Tools" for some good memory hints and articles.

New! National Associaiton for Adults with Special Learning Needs: "an e-community that offers members a centralized hub of information, professional development, technical assistance, communication on issues and trends, and advocacy initiatives on behalf of adults with special learning needs."

WisdomWare: an online business dedicated to helping people with disabilities find and use today's technologies to succeed in school and career.

Distance Learning Resources:

New! Distance Founded by Benjamin Pfeiffer to help students sort out the programs, cost and

Distance Education Resource Clearinghouse: Courtesy of the University of Wisconsin. (Updated)

Distance Education Frequently Asked Question Archive:

New! Distance Learning FAQ: A straightforward site answering some of your questions about distance learning.

New! The Distance Learner's Guide companion website for book of the same name.

Channel3000 Distance Education info:

New! Open Online Education Network: Their Distance Education Forum is dedicated to online distance learning. Part of online distance education portal that provides online course, degree, college and university information.

Peterson's Distance Learning page:


Career Portfolio Basics:
Career Portfolio Basics Courtesy of the Univ. of Washington Geography Dept Career Resources

Florida Academic Counseling and Tracking for Students:
FACTS Career Portfolio Page

Online Portfolio Programs listing hosted by the University of Denver:

Portfolio Library: Brought to you by Martin Kimeldorf

Other Portfolio Resources:
Contents of Your Job Portfolio (PDF)
Ten Commandments of Effective Portfolios (PDF) by Kirk R. St. Amant. If the link is dead, search the web for "ten commandments portfolio" and you'll find a copy somewhere on the web.
Resume, Portfolio and Cover Letter Tips

Basic Job Resources / Career Search:

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Look for the Occupational Outlook Handbook here.

Dictionary of Occupational Titles online: Through the US Department of Labor.
Here's a page with their top-requested publications:

America's Job Bank / Career One Stop:


New! CareerOverview: An basic online career information guide using US Government provided stats and definitions. Appears to be sponsored by a consortium of colleges with an online presence.

New! Disaboom Jobs: Job search site especially for persons with disabilities.

Employment Guide:

Job Hunter's Bible / What Color is Your Parachute:


Hot Now a part of

MonsterTRAK (part of

National Commission for Co-Operative Education: Get a jump on the job market, and possibly earn credit too!

The Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet:

True Careers: Brought to you by the folks at Sallie Mae

Amby's Work Site:

Miscellaneous / Family Support / Study Skills:

New! Administration for Children and Families - Services for Families: a directory of links for available government services, such as child care, disability, education (Also,, Native American Tribal resources

Being Fluent with Information Technology: The article on "Why" is a great summary

New! Campus Calm: a new website with tips on surviving campus. Has sections for students, parents and educators. Several free articles, but you need to dig a bit to get to them (click on the "already a member" button for quicker access).

Link Updated! Mrs. Ruland's Social Studies Page - Writing and Other Skills: Has some really great links.

National Resilience Resource Center: "Viewing all students, residents, clients and organizations as 'at promise' rather than 'at risk.'" Brought to you by the University of Minnesota. Also has Native American Resources page.

New! The NEW Time Of Your Life: The Fundamentals of Time Management (20 minute WMV video)
Based on Alan Lakein's How to Get Control of Your Time and Life book.

Self-Help Counseling Center, University of Buffalo:

Study Skills Self Help: University of Vermont


Tribal College Journal: On behalf of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium's member tribal colleges and universities, this culture-based publication addresses subjects important to the future of American Indian and Alaska Native communities. Tribal College Journal features both journalistic and scholarly articles. Read items from their special issue on Resilience, Summer 2003.

ERIC Online (Educational Resources Information Center) Clearinghouse: full of scholarly information on the state of education in the US.

Study tips from UC Berkley:

Reference Resources:

Guide to Grammar and Writing: online dictionary and more.

Library of Congress Online:

Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia: Some articles available for free.

US. Census Bureau:

Lib-Web: List of Public Libraries with Web Presence:

Internet Public Library:, Reference library search results: SUName=education& TopNode=2712

National Archives and Records Administration:

Newsweek Online (now parterning with MSNBC):


USAToday: Good source of technology information.

Consumer References:

Provided as a courtesy to Adult Students who have little money to spare!

Federal Trade Commission - Consumer page:

Consumer Product Safety Council: Federal site part of the public information sites.

Clark Howard: Radio talk-show host who's slogan is "How to Save More, Spend Less, and Avoid Getting Ripped Off." He does not do paid endorsements of any product. Great resource. Federal site part of the public information sites. If it's unsafe, get it fixed or replaced for free

Search Engines and Directories: Multi-search engine.

The Adult Student's Guide to Survival and Success 6th Edition cover and sister search: Search engine and directory.

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